Frbiz Reports – 2010 Development Trend of the Domestic Machinery Industry Forecast

Last year, the amount of machinery industry production and sales were 10 trillion mark for the first time, China cnc machining industry has been for 7 years, the total amount of sales to a new level trillion yuan.

According to Machinery Industry Federation expects 2010 sales growth of up to 15% of the profit growth of about 10%, export growth of 15% or so, beginning to achieve shrinkage of policy adjustments do not change the industry recovery, but the industry does not have the short-term Quotes of the kinetic energy out of an independent, of course, with the gradual disclosure of annual reports as well as the recovery in exports is still no shortage of bright spots.

The strong support of the macro-economic recovery, the machinery industry a noticeable improvement in profitability: Since bottoming out in 2009 since the first quarter, gross margins continued to improve; We believe that the 2010 gross margin will continue to further enhance the industry as a whole.

Construction Machinery Industry

Urbanization and 4 trillion of investment inertia driven, real estate, an area of newly started to maintain under the influence of such factors as high, domestic demand will continue to be relatively stable, while taking into account the resumption of growth in exports in 2010, construction machinery industry will still be a good performance. The stock market after this adjustment, engineering machinery plate margin of safety has improved significantly, investment opportunities are becoming apparent.

Investment strategies: short term results, long-term look at the export. We look forward to the export of construction machinery industry in 2010 to bring surprises, but “stood out is not a spring,” We count on domestic demand will remain stable. Judging from the current situation, we still insist on a stable domestic demand, exports improved judgments. Construction machinery industry as a strong cyclical industry by the credit crunch, the impact of negative factors such as the short term, difficult to have a substantial rise in power, but in the long term, the current strategy should be Jiancang opportunity.

Machine tool industry

Differences in demand led to the development of the machine tool industry division. 2009 Annuity cutting machine tool was the recovery trend of the overall performance of the annual total sales of 580.3 thousand units, down 5.98%, one-month data shows that the recovery trend more evident. Metal cutting CNC machine tools perform better sales over the year growth of 17.75 percent year on year, especially last year 11,12 month, more than 60% year on year data.

Differences in the needs of the downstream industry leads to the differentiation of machine tool industry, China’s equipment manufacturing industry constitutes trend of large high-grade, heavy-duty CNC machine tools of effective demand.

Railway equipment industry

Without fear “adjustment”, the economy remains. China Railway scheduling fixed-asset investment in 2010 will reach a record 823.5 billion yuan, of which the railway infrastructure investment in 2009 surged 79 percent, based on the 2010 will rise by nearly 17%, to 7,000 billion yuan, the next three years, At least 700 billion yuan. In December 2009, the national rail freight turnover year on year for the first time to positive, which indicates that the Ministry of Railways goods procurement constraints are removed, the macroeconomic policy adjustments not affect investment in the

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