Travel and Entertainment Tips for An Enjoyable Paris Tour

To have an enjoyable and memorable Paris trip, preparation is the key! Below are some travel tips that can help you enjoy the Paris beauty as a traveler and ace a corporate meeting as a business executive.

  •       Stay safe

It is wise to be cautious about your surroundings anywhere you go. Even in Paris, the crime scene is not to be overly concerned about. Just like you are careful about pickpocketing and if necessary, reach out to the police in your country, dial 112 or 17 in Paris.

  •       Currency

The currency in Paris is Euro, so be familiar with the exchange rates. Remember, tourists are subjected to extra tourist tax. If your expense exceeds 175 Euros with a single retailer, you are eligible for a VAT refund.

  •       Tipping tip

In Paris, tipping occurs only when someone has performed beyond expectations. Never add tips to a credit card but leave them in the form of cash or coins. Tipping is unnecessary because the service charge gets added to every bill.

  •       French Food & Dining

In French culture, food and wine are crucial. Therefore, make sure to practice best table manners, especially when it is related to business. Avoid holding hands under the table while dining or leave food on the plate. Be prepared to spend time during business lunches because they are lengthy affairs.

  •       Business etiquettes

Meetings are held for discussions and not to make decisions. Only higher-ups make the decision, which is hardly possible during a meeting. Arrive on time because the French adore punctuality. Never conduct a surprise meeting because unannounced entries are frowned upon.

Offer light handshake, while greeting. Men must initiate this gesture. Never kiss women on their cheek it is odd. Call people by their last name or as Madame or Monsieur. The exchange of gifts does not occur in the first meeting. Never offer gifts with your business logo.

Things to do after the business meeting

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